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Do you have an interesting tutorial or how-to to add to the Commander X16 library? Add it here.


Edit the category you want to add your tutorial and add a new link, like this:

  • [[Create A Tutorial]] With a short description of how to do a thing.

Then save the page. This will create a new link that's red (the target doesn't exist.)

Click that new link and edit the new page.

All tutorials should include BASIC and assembly tutorials. Assembly code should be formatted for ACME or 64TASS. Always specify the assembler used when creating examples, as there are some syntactic differences.

You may also include short listings in MONitor format, like this...

.,A000 A9 93    LDA #$93
.,A002 20 D2 FF JSR $FFD2
.,A005 A9 51    LDA #$51
.,A007 85 F7    STA $F7
.,A009 A9 A0    LDA #$A0
.,A00B 85 F8    STA $F8

for super-short examples.


Exploring Graphics Modes How to put VERA in graphics mode.

Draw A Box Draw a box in graphics mode

Using Layers Use VERA's two layers for two different types of graphics, or for graphics and text at the same time

Draw A Sprite How to load a sprite and display it on the screen

Using Tile Mode Draw some tiles on the screen

Smooth Scrolling Smooth scroll the screen


Beep Make the CX16 beep

Your First Song Write a simple song with the YM sound chip

Polyphonic Music Play more than one note at a time, like a pro


Hello World In Assembler Use an assembler (ACME, 64TASS) to create a "Hello World" program

Disk IO Loading and saving data with assembler


Read The Joystick Read the joystick in assembler and BASIC