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Commander X16 Features & Specs[]

Updated by PERI FRACTIC·MONDAY, JULY 22, 2019·

This document will be kept updated with the latest specifications of the product:


  • WDC 65x02 @ 8 Mhz
  • 40-pin DIP package
  • (Protoype board currently running stable at 2 Mhz. Steps are being taken to stabilize it at 8 Mhz. Worst case if all issues are not solved, the final board could be 4 mhz, but still planning for 8)


  • 40K of "Low RAM"
  • 512K of "High RAM" standard
  • Expandable to 1 MB, 1.5 MB, or 2 MB by adding additional RAM chips to 3 empty sockets.


  • 128K of Flash ROM
  • Standard Commodore Kernal
  • Microsoft BASIC version 2.0
  • Machine Language Monitor
  • Can be reflashed from the computer


  • Four expansion slots with access to CPU databus
  • Each slot has its own 32-bytes of mapped RAM
  • 8 general-purpose I/O lines available (user port)

Input Devices

  • PS/2 Keyboard
  • PS/2 Mouse
  • Two NES or SNES style game ports (dev board just has pin headers)


  • IEC compatible disk drive port
  • Internal SD-2-IEC with SD card slot (on final board only, not dev board)


  • Audio is still being determined. There are 3 designs being considered and tested at the moment including a Yamaha YM2151, a SAA1099, and a SID-like implementation in the video chip’s FPGA. Which will ultimate work best is yet to be determined.

“Vera” Video chip specifications

  • 128K of internal video RAM
  • 640x480 @ 60 Hz analog VGA output
  • 640x240 Composite video and/or S-Video output.
  • Option to disable color signal for sharper grayscale text/graphics on composite monitors.

Text Modes:

  • 80x60, 40x30, and 20x15 character modes
  • 8x8 pixels characters with PETSCII font
  • 16-colors with independent fore/background colors for each character
  • 256-color text mode with global background color.

Two Independent graphics layers, each capable of:

  • pixel scaling: 1x/2x/3x/4x for width and height
  • tile size: width 8/16 pixel, height 8/16 pixels
  • tile map size: width 32/64/128/256 tiles, height 32/64/128/256 tiles
  • tile modes:
    • 1 bpp (bits per pixel) with per-tile 16-color foreground/background color, 8 bit tile index (16 color text mode)
    • 1 bpp with per-tile 256-color foreground color, background color is always index 0 (transparent), 8 bit tile index (256-color text mode)
    • 2/4/8 bpp with per-tile h-flip, v-flip, 4-bit palette offset, 10 bit tile index
    • all these modes support smooth scrolling
  • bitmap modes:
    • 1/2/4/8 bpp
    • 4-bit palette offset
    • these modes don't support scrolling to save on memory
  • the 1 bpp tile modes in combination with 8x16 tile size will also allow for a standard VGA font to be used