Commander CX16 Wiki

This example can be compiled with ACME.

In order to print a string, each character of the string needs to be copied into the A register followed by calling the CHROUT KERNAL API.

; Start of BASIC program

; BASIC "run" line
!byte $0C,$08,$0A,$00,$9E,$20,$32,$30,$36,$34,$00,$00,$00

; Start of actual program

CHROUT=$FFD2		; KERNAL API call to print character in register A

	ldx	#0		; X register used to index string
	lda	.mystring, x	; Load character from string into A register
	beq	end		; If the character is 0, jump to end label
	jsr	CHROUT		; Call KERNAL API to print char in A register
	inx			; Increment X register
	jmp	loop		; Jump back to loop label to get next character
	rts			; Return to caller

; zero-terminated string containing a newline at the end (char# 13)
.mystring	!pet	"hello, world!!",13,0

For a more in-depth walkthrough of the code, have a look at Hello World on Commander X16