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What is this crazy thing?[]

The Commander X16 is The 8-Bit Guy’s dream computer, designed to evoke the same fondness and nostalgia many of us had for 8-Bit computers, whilst retaining closeness to the hardware from a programming perspective, unlike the Raspberry Pi and others. But more than that, it is intended not only as an educational tool but to solve some of the issues of finding an 8-Bit system to tinker with today; namely ever-increasing costs, and unreliability of 30-year old hardware.

The X16 will be made entirely of off-the-shelf modern parts, ensuring perpetual availability without reliability issues, but in keeping with the vision, it will house a real CPU rather than using emulation or an FPGA recreation of a processor. Running Commodore BASIC v2, the X16 will be inexpensive enough to allow a critical mass of users to create an expansive software ecosystem, but simple enough that a single person can understand all of the chips and components that allow that software to run.

Feel free to watch the Commander X16 project videos for further details:

Part 1- 

Part 2-

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